Practice Accreditation Scheme

Accreditation Information

The VOA is dedicated to improving the management of Osteoarthritis in veterinary practice.

To help achieve this aim we have created the VOA Learning Academy and VOA Practice Accreditation Award.

The objective is to provide support and to guide interested practices towards best practice in Veterinary Osteoarthritis (OA) Management.

The Practice Accreditation reflects the amount of interest and dedication in OA care, in your Practice. Evaluation will be made on material submitted by the practice.

Download your practice accreditation pack here.

All submissions require a one of payment of £150.00.

Accreditation Criteria

1. Evidence of learning 

At least two members of the team* will need to have achieved their Blue Paw Award, one member must be a veterinary surgeon.

CPD log – At least 10 hours for vets, 5 hours for nurses and therapists per annum, with OA focus.

2. Evidence of set up, preparation & training

Demonstrate that you hold regular OA clinics in practice.

Demonstrate internal training on OA management for the team.

How we manage OA report.

3. Evidence of case activity & good practice

Demonstrate using 3 Case Reports that a full orthopaedic exam and assessment is carried out for all OA patients.

A multimodal approach for OA management.

Patients are seen back at suitable intervals.

4. Evidence of diverse skills in physical rehabilitation & management

Demonstrate that you discuss with clients the benefits of rehabilitations therapy.

5. Evidence of appropriate investigational capabilities

Demonstrate that your practice has used a suitable diagnostic method to assist with the diagnosis of OA. Demonstrate this in your case presentations.

6. Evidence of client interaction & involvement

Demonstrate that your clients receive additional information about OA management.

7. Evidence of assessment of outcome of cases

Demonstrate that your practice is using at least one method to measure progress of the patient.

*If single person organisation we will take this into consideration


VOA Accredited Practices

Here you will find a list of current Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance Accredited Practices.