Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance

We are a multi-disciplinary non-profit alliance of professionals with the sole purpose of promoting better OA care.

Mission of VOA



To improve the welfare of animals affected by OA



To improve the education of professionals involved in OA care



To create and sustain newtorks that disseminate best practice



To be an independent source of accurate scientific information

How does VOA achieve its mission?



Social Media


In Person



Become an Industry Partner

Industry Partnership Levels

Bronze Silver Gold
CPD 3 evenings 1 day 3 evenings all events
Podcast sponsor an episode sponsor 4 episodes sponsor a series ( 6 episodes)
Blue Paw
Web & Mail Marketing 2 campaigns 4 campaigns unlimited
Membership Gift 30 60 100
Cost £3,000 £6,000 £8,000

If you’d like to discuss other options please get in touch. We will be happy to tailer a solution that best meets your needs.

Value for Industry Partners

While working with the VOA your communication becomes more targeted with a receptive client base. 5 key aspects make up this approach:

Pet Owner Affiliation

The VOA Affiliation Scheme has been created to help the owners of pets with osteoarthritis (OA) find a veterinary practice in their area that has a particular interest in the management of animal OA. All VOA members have access to the Blue Paw Award via VetStream. Blue Paw status is awarded to individuals that have undertaken and passed the VOA’s online training.

Owner Information Site

We are working in collaboration with Canine Arthritis Management. This is a separate site and the VOA are not responsible for any of the content on the Canine Arthritis Management Website.

The Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance Congress

21st & 22nd of May 2025 at Hollywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough