Throughout the year, the VOA hosts regular evening seminars across different UK cities using a selection of lecturers to discuss the future of OA management, what you can do to help your OA patients and if an OA clinic in your practice may be worthwhile.
These are free for VOA members and £30 for non-members.
Should you have any questions or interest in a seminar in your area, please do email [email protected]


The future of OA management
A multi-modal approach is key for OA management but there are so many options available, each with varying degrees of success.  What are we aiming for in the ideal OA treatment in the future?
This evening session will discuss the importance of multimodal management and the potential targets for future therapies in OA management.
Why should I set up an OA clinic in my practice?
Would an OA clinic in your practice be worth setting up? Do you currently have OA clinics in your practice but they aren’t going as well as you hoped?
This evening session will discuss why you should be providing an OA clinic for your patients and will include benefits to patients, benefits to your practice, tips and tricks of setting up OA clinic, and tools you can use to measure progress.
What else can I do to help my OA patients?
As clinicians, we will often reach for the pharmaceuticals first when treating an OA patient but what else could we be doing or recommending to help improve the quality of life of our OA patients?
This evening session will discuss the rehabilitation therapies available and what environmental changes and owner monitoring methods are available to help include in your multimodal management of OA.
NSAIDs aren’t working in my OA patient – what do I do now?
You have tried NSAIDs to help manage an OA case and the owner is now reporting that they aren’t working or it didn’t give the improvement they and you were hoping.  What do you use next?
This evening session will discuss why this may happen and what options are available to you to help you manage these cases.